a Light Rigid (LR)

Light Rigid (LR) - TLILIC2014 Licence to drive a light vehicle

With this licence you may drive any rigid vehicle, including bus and truck, greater than 4.5 tonnes GVM but equal to or less than 8 tonnes GVM or a vehicle that seats more than 12 adults including the driver that has a GVM not greater than 8 tonnes GVM. You may tow a single trailer (other than a semi trailer) up to 9 tonne GVM or to the manufactures specifications (whichever is less). 

Who can get this licence?
To apply for this category you must have held an Australian car driver licence for at least 12 months.

Drivers complete a practical training component, followed by a multiple choice knowledge test and practical test to assess driving and load restraint.  All drivers need to read The Victorian Bus & Truck Drivers’ Handbook (June 2021 edition), available from VicRoads or JADS Driver Training.

Allow a full day to complete this course.


Total cost, including all training and licence test:     $1200.00