Multi Combination (MC) - TLILIC3018 Licence to drive a multi combination vehicle

With this licence you may drive a heavy combination vehicle with one or more additional trailers.

Who can get this licence?
To apply for this category you must have held a Heavy Combination, Heavy Rigid or a combination of Heavy Rigid and a Heavy Combination vehicle licence for at least 12 months, plus the completion of an approved course.

Drivers who have a Heavy Rigid licence may apply for a Multi Combination licence, however the training the applicant will be required to undertake training and assessment for a Heavy Combination licence prior to commencing training and assessment for the MC licence.

Drivers complete an approved combination training course which includes both theoretical and practical training components, followed by a multiple choice knowledge test and practical test to assess driving, load restraint, reversing and coupling/uncoupling.  Drivers may need to read JADS Heavy Vehicle Combination Theory Manual available from JADS Driver Training.

Drivers generally require 8-10 hours of training, prior to being competent to undertake the take the licence test or Final Competency Assessment (FCA).

Training and assessment usually occurs over two days.

A practice road rules test is the easiest way to practice for your test. Click Here to practise your theory/knowledge test.

Total cost including training and licence test : $2050.00

Please note: This price is for HC to MC only. Please contact our office for price and course details for HR to MC.

Further information
Click here for specialist information for heavy vehicle owners and operators about fatigue, compliance and permit requirements, route load limits, height clearances as well as industry associations and the Victorian Road Freight Advisory Council.