Motorcycle Information

VIC Roads implemented new motorcycle licensing requirements as of 1st April 2016.  To obtain a motorcycle licence you must follow the below 3 stages.

Stage 1- Motorcycle Permit Assessment (MPA)

This is the first stage to obtain your motorcycle learners permit.  To do the course, you need to be 18 or over and hold a Victorian Licence or Learners Permit.
The MPA training will include a two day learner course including practical and class training.
The practical training will include off road range exercises as well as on road training.
The applicant will be required to pass the motorcycle knowledge test.  You will need to read the Victorian Rider Handbook before attending the course.  This book is available at JADS for $15.
This course costs $475 per person and is conducted over 2 full days.  

Stage 2 - Check Ride

The Check Ride is the second stage in obtaining your motorcycle licence.  It is a compulsory component that must be conducted no less than one month prior to conducting the Motorcycle Licence Assessment.  The Check Ride costs $220 per person and is conducted over 4 hours.

Stage 3 - Motorcycle License Assessment (MLA)

The last stage in obtaining your Motorcycle Licence is the Motorcycle Licence Assessment (MLA).  You are only eligible if you have had your Motorcycle Learner Permit for 3 months and you have successfully completed the Check Ride one month prior.  There will be both on road and off road assessments conducted. The off road range assessment will assess your ability to ride through curves, change paths, brake and ride slowly.  The on road assessment will determine your observation of the road, speed management, road positioning, application of road rules and motorcycle control.
This course is conducted 1 on 1 for 2 hours.  The cost is $280 per person.